The Corporation of the Township of Centre Wellington Open Air Burning Permit
 (“Burn Permit”) Terms and Conditions
1. A Burn Permit is required for each burn site and valid only for the property identified by the civic address as the location of burn site on the permit.
2.Burn Permits are valid only for the calendar year in which they are purchased and expire on December 31st of the calendar year in which they were purchased.
3.Burn Permits are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-transferrable.
4.Burn Permits must be available for viewing at the burn site upon request.
5.The fire is to be attended and supervised at all times by a responsible, competent adult.
6.All fires are to be completely extinguished at the end of the working / burning day.
7.Complaints received regarding problems associated with smoke may be cause for an approval to be revoked. No burning is to take place when winds will cause smoke to be an annoyance to nearby properties or roadways.
8.Class A fires must be kept to a maximum size of 0.6 m in diameter and must be physically confined (i.e. steel tire rim, bricks, stone).
9.With the exception of recreational campfires and outdoor fireplaces, open air burning within 30m of any building or other combustible material shall not be permitted. Recreational campfires and outdoor fireplaces must have a minimum 3m clearance to any building or combustible material.
10.Only the burning of clean wood and brush is permitted.
11.Equipment capable of extinguishing the fire at any time conditions warrant is to be on the burn site at all times burning is carried out. (i.e. portable fire extinguishers, garden hose, portable pump and hose, bobcat, etc.)
12.The permit holder must comply with the Ministry of the Environment, (1-800-265-8658), and Environmental Protections Act and any rules and regulations made thereunder.
13.Open air burning shall not be carried out on Smog Alert days as declared by Environment Canada. Smog Alert Days are declared when the Air Quality Index is expected to reach 50, a level that can impact the health of citizens. Citizens should call 1-800-265-8658 for information pertaining to days designated as Smog Alert days. Information can also be obtained by calling the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Air Quality Index Reporting System at 1-800- 387-7768.
14.The use of outdoor fireplaces is deemed to be open air burning and requires the issuance of a Burn Permit.
15.In the interest of public safety, the Corporation of Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue Services reserves the right to issue a ban or temporarily suspend all approvals for open air burning. Should conditions as determined by the Corporation of Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue Services, in its sole discretion, warrant such action, any person found to be conducting open air burning in contravention of such a ban is guilty of an offense under the Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O 1990, c. P. 33, as amended.
16.Failure to comply with any of the terms and condition set out herein, or any specific restrictions set out in a Burn Permit will result in immediate revocation of a Burn Permit. Further, the Corporation of Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue Services will proceed to prosecute the Burn Permit holder for non-compliance with Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O 1990, c. P. 33, as amended. Those found to be in violation of the guidelines as set out in these terms and conditions or those who conduct open air burning without a Burn Permit will be subject to fines as per by-law 2018-53 and Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O 1990, c. P. 33, as amended.
17.In consideration of the granting of a Burn Permit by Township of Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue Services, the applicant agrees to release and forever discharge and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Corporation of the Township of Centre Wellington, employees, servants and agents from any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands, loss or injury to persons or property sustained by any person or persons in consequence of any Open Air Burning to be held on the dates and location stated in the Burn Permit.