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To receive your dog tag and help us reunite you with your lost dog please . It only takes a few minutes.

About the Dog Tags

Every dog owner within the Township of Centre Wellington is required to register their dog(s) and purchase dog tags.

Registering your dog(s) helps with the identification and safe return of your pet, and demonstrates caring and responsible pet ownership.

In order to apply for an on-line dog tag you must provide a valid e-mail address and phone number. We will only use your email address to send information specific to the dog licence service you have requested including a receipt for your payment. Please read our

No person shall own, harbour or keep more than three dogs per household or dwelling unit within the urban boundaries. You can only buy a maximum of three dog tags online. If you need more than three dog tags please visit us at the Municipal Office at 1 MacDonald Square, Elora, Ontario.

If you have any questions regarding dog tags please contact Centre Wellington Customer Service at 519.846.9691 ext. 901.

How much is a dog tag?

$40.00(CAD) per licence for each tag(s) purchased before April 30th every year (for new dogs and renewals).

$50.00(CAD) per licence for each tag(s) purchased after April 30th every year(renewals only).

The owner shall keep the tag securely affixed on the dog at all times.

The dog tag will be mailed to you within one week after purchase from our online system.


All dogs must be leashed or under control when not on the owner's property. If a dog strays, it may be impounded at the owner's expense for "running at large". The only exception is the Off-Leash Park located at the end of Glengarry Crescent in Fergus.

Dog waste

It is every dog owner's responsibility to help keep our streets and parks clean and our children safe. Please clean up after your pet!

Who do I contact for Animal Control or if my pet is lost?

Guelph Humane Society


If your pet is misssing or you have found a lost dog, you can also contact the Municipal Office: 519.846.9691 ext. 901 during regular office hours.